Our Team

Paritosh Sinha

Executive Chairman and CEO
(Sinha and company, Advocates)

Head Office

Amitava Mitra

Head Of Department
Original Side – Arbitration, Civil Suits, Intellectual Property

Krishna Kr. Pandey

Head Of Department
Appellate Side – Writs, Civil Appeals, Taxation, Arbitration

Saubhik Chowdhury

Head Of Department
Corporate Litigation NCLT, Insolvency, Company Litigation, Civil Suits, Commercial Writs, Arbitration

Shrayashee Das

Head Of Department
Original Side – Arbitration, Civil Suit, General Commercial Litigation

Joydeep Roy

Head Of Department
Original Side – Civil Matters including Banking, Testamentary

Arindam Mandal

Head Of Department
Arbitration, Non Litigation Documentation, Real Estate Transaction and Documentation, Succession and Family Inheritance and related Disputes

Branch Office

Ajoy Roy

Litigation strategy for all District & Civil Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Arbitration and proceedings in the High Court arising therefrom

Ajoy Das

Head Of Department
City Civil & Small Causes Court

Bibek Kr. Guha

Head Of Department
Criminal matters

Soni Ojha

Head Of Department
High Court & State Consumer Commission Court

Punam Kumari Choudhary

Head Of Department
Consumer Court Disputes

Rajeev Maity

Head Of Department
Debt Recovery Tribunal, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal

Nilanjana Chakraborty

Senior Advocate
Documentation & Property Liaisons

Gopal Krishna Malaviya

Arbitration Department – Banking & NBFC related Arbitration

Administrative Team

Manikanchan Paul

Head of Accounts and Administration

Prabir Hazra

Billing & Recovery Associate

Avijit Paul

Head Of Department - IT